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We are a team of professionals, industry experts, developers, designers and marketing specialists who work together to bring the idea of customer engagement to reality. We provide professional, innovative and technologically advanced customer engagement solutions to clients. Our clientele and partnerships spread across continents and our expertise is well appreciated in the industry.
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Digital Commerce

The Impact of Beacon Technology on Digital Commerce

Just like the introduction of a super hero in a mass movie, Wi-Fi beacons have taken the retail sector with a punch over the past few years. This low cost gadget which employs either Wi-Fi or BLE (Bluetooth low-energy) technology to push notifications to the...

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Eddystone- The Future of Beacon Standards.

Beacons are the most trending in IoT technology applications today. Apple’s iBeacon launched in 2014 and Google’s Eddystone launched in 2015 are the two primary beacon standards used in the industry. 2015 had had around 4 million beacons being deployed globally and predictions say that...

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A Walk through IoT from Urban to Rural India

The stepping stone to a well-served nation is a land that’s really connected to all its frontiers and bridging rural India using IoT is sure to reduce the gap between rural and urban India in the coming years. The IoT could indeed catapult a major...

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Beacons To Enhance Your Cinema Experience.

It is no more possible for cinema entertainment marketers to go without making use of the mobile sphere. More than half of the movie goers use their smart phones to make their entertainment choices better informed and to realize it to its fullest.   When it...

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