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We don't do marketing, we live it
We are a team of professionals, industry experts, developers, designers and marketing specialists who work together to bring the idea of customer engagement to reality. We provide professional, innovative and technologically advanced customer engagement solutions to clients. Our clientele and partnerships spread across continents and our expertise is well appreciated in the industry.
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Customer engagement

bfonics proximity marketing platform : A guide to customer engagement strategies in-store

bfonics has long been providing technology support in the digital content delivery platform making use of the right blend of beacon technology, mobile application and web to connect the physical and digital world. bfonics is associated with various retailers, hyperlocal mobile applications and hyper local...

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A Great Coffee Time With Beacons

The possibilities for beacon implementation in sectors other than retail stores is being explored and experimented. Players from lot more fields are adopting the technology and a good number of beacon producers and providers are catering its services to clients from diverse sectors. bfonics itself...

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Mobile wallets

bfonics Proxpay To Make Mobile Wallets Smarter For a Cash-Free Shopping

bfonics Proxpay for hassle free proximity payment The prominence of mobile phones and proximity based payment solutions have taken contact-less payment to a new level from credit cards and debit cards. Proximity mobile payment is the point of sale transaction via mobile phone.  Unlike remote mobile...

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PROXPAY: Proximity APIs For 100% Touchless Payments.

Mobile payments are becoming more mainstream with the technological advancements in the digitized retail arena, attracting more and more actors in to the scene. Shopper of this day is ever more into adopting different mobile payment options to ensure a hassle free shopping experience. With...

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