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We are a team of professionals, industry experts, developers, designers and marketing specialists who work together to bring the idea of customer engagement to reality. We provide professional, innovative and technologically advanced customer engagement solutions to clients. Our clientele and partnerships spread across continents and our expertise is well appreciated in the industry.
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Mobile Applications

How mobile applications integrated with beacon technology is changing businesses

Today, customers are always on the move and mobile applications are helping them get whatever they want. Whether it is tablets, mobile phones, phablets, or any other gadgets, all the information is just a click away. Such is the relevance of mobile apps in today`s...

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customer data

How safe is customer data with any beacon platform : An in depth analysis report

Beacon technology’s ability to rightly cater personalized services, choices and offers to customers through mobile phones have made it one of the most desirable technology for firms intending a customer engagement policy to improve revenue. And at the same time customers and businesses are equally...

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Beacon Technology

bfonics Beacon Technology Platform To Reform New Gen Offices

With the exception of the addition of computers and few other gadgets to the employee`s desk, the office spaces has not undergone a revolutionary revamp over the last 50 years. Even though papers got largely replaced by electronic gadgets, people still follow the same conventional...

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bfonics google nearby

bfonics releases a firsthand report on Google Nearby and its implications on beacons

  Mr. Binoy Mathew, CTO bfonics, gives his point of view on Google Nearby and its vast implications on beacon technology. He reiterates that Google Nearby is going to bring about a change in the way we apply proximity technology. Here is an abstract of his...

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