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Building Smart Communities : Being Radically Smarter with Beacons

smart communities

Around the globe, we hear more and more talks on smart communities and there is an outbreak of statistics and data on the increasing urban agglomerations. On a basic level, smart communities are cities, regions and communities that are employing diverse and novel information and communication technologies to enrich their spatial and temporal experiences and to boost their economic, social and administrative services and infrastructural settings. Smart communities are developing smart infrastructure by employing smart devices to enhance quality services and communication.

      The prime focus of smart communities is citizen engagement in the diverse fields of city life contributing to a more meaningful and involved community existence.  In this increasingly competitive and developing economy of this decade, implementing smart community initiatives help cities and regions to switch in to more advanced digital atmosphere producing high quality places for work and living that values citizen engagement and connectivity.

         In the world of IoTs, beacons are leading the way for the creation of smart communities and to enhance its experiences and strategies.  Bridging the gap between the virtual world and physical infrastructures, beacons are significantly contributing for the creation of smart infrastructure making citizen life easier and hassle free. An effective platform and technology to collect, manage and creatively deploy the otherwise fragmented body of information and data is the potential that beacons offers to the creation of smart cities around globe.


       Through its capacity to make maximum use of proximity, peoples presence and location, beacon offers a full package solution for the smart communities to create an advanced digital environment for interaction and engagement.  Also, by delivering relevant information for actors in the region or city, cities can communicate with citizens and develop different engagement programs for the creation of better urban experiences. With easy and viable interactions and engagements between various actors in the region or city, citizens in the city can form a community that engage and work for the betterment of their own experiences. This would also contribute to the administrative purposes of the city digitally assisting measures such as policing, waste management, traffic management etc. This along with enhancing the quality of community life makes matters for city administrators much easier.

      The capability of beacons to be effectively employed for marketing and advertisements further make it an effective technology to produce smarter working and living environments and help in attracting different economic agents to the city. Retailers and brands have extensively explored and implemented the marketing possibilities of beacons. Providing a body of potential customers in the proximity of business initiatives, a beacon empowered smart city produces within it, a brimming smart economic atmosphere.

In short, the deployment of beacons is definitely the radical marker that is unto define the cityscapes globally. A studied implementation of beacon technology putting into maximum use, the Big Data, is sure to make real smarter communities with better infrastructure, improved administration and communication and high quality lifestyle.

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