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Go Digital With bfonics Omni-Channel Content Delivery Platform

Digital transformation is mistakenly understood as a mere application of lots of new technologies into marketing and customer engagements. However, it is not just about that. Digital transformation is also a new attitude in business that needs a good amount of research and planning. It is not a one-way process, but demands a good understanding of the digital customer experience as well. Thus, for brands and businesses planning to move towards digital transformation it is ever more important to make studied decisions and investment choosing the right strategies and partners to help you go digital.

Omni-channeling is the new buzzword for digital transformation. Recent researches have proved that, rather than going fully digital, bridging the physical and the digital world for a seamless customer experience is the most received digital transformation strategy. Thus digital transformation is not just about going digital, it is a novel methodology that takes the customer experience most into account, as is explicit with Omni channeling. With Omni channeling, your customer journey with you, starting from a physical store or a digital space, is knit together as a seamless overarching experience. You can as well combine all information and communication channels with your customers, like mobile phones contacts and email id’s, to make sure your conversation with customer is happening through the right channel and in the right manner.

However, going Omni channel demands the deployment of the apt solution in the best possible ways. bfonics omni-channel content delivery platform provide you the best solution here. The smart engagement platform which includes an app, a web backend with state-of-the-art marketing channel features that makes it easy for any small, medium or large businesses to adopt multiple marketing strategies along with proximity technology features. bfonics also employs proximity technology and location data for targeted in-store marketing solutions. Here are the important features of the bfonics omni-channel content delivery platform:

  • SMS marketing, which is an offline mode of marketing uses SMS to push information to the customers pulling them to the physical stores.
  • Email marketing feature aims at more targeted promotion of brands by gathering valuable insights on subscriptions and engagements.
  • The social media feature in the platform uses social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc. to constantly engage customers online and in their favorite social groups.
  • The app based GIS and location specific marketing features helps to carry out activities that would attract customers prompting them to buy products from physical stores.
  • Beacon and location technology features in the platform, helps for targeted, contextual and real time engagement with the customers inside a store. The platform will recognize customers carrying the designated mobile application allowing store owners to push relevant information to customers’ mobile phones instantly.
  • Survey and feedback feature of the platform allows for instant surveys that can be carried out directly through the app. Stores can set up feedback forms and get real time feedbacks.
  • Captive portal is a cost effective strategy that allow businesses to make use of an existing Wi-Fi portal and thus push relevant information over the browser. This helps businesses engage customers via web and mobile using proximity technology of bfonics. Captive Portal comes with all the features of proximity technology.

What does it mean to employ bfonics omni-channel content delivery platform?


What bfonics provides is a holistic platform that brings together different technologies, digital and physical channels to ensure for the businesses and its customers a more meaningful experience for engaging with each other. Through bfonics omni-channel content delivery platform businesses can:

  • Send real time alerts and update to their customers’ mobile phones.
  • Customer engagement can be ensured by pushing contextually relevant offers and discounts to customers’ smart phones.
  • SMS and Email features can be used to inform customers about an upcoming sale.
  • Highly targeted personalized content can be send offline and online, that would provide the customers a more personalized experience with the business.
  • The feedback feature of the platform would provide the businesses with important feedbacks and concerns of the customers helping in decision making and resolving issues.
  • Data analytics can be enriched making use of the data from multiple sources channeled through the platform which would in turn help for more informed decision making and customer engagement.
  • Businesses can get reports on customer behavior, engagement and purchase history. The online and different offline purchasing history of a single customer can be tracked providing a more complete and seamless record of customer behavior.
  • Deploying the features in the platform intelligently, by ensuring targeted and personalized communication, would help businesses to increase chances of up selling and cross-selling using the platform and ensure higher returns.

But don’t think this is a one-way experience where the business and brands could only reap benefits. For your valuable customers shopping in a bfonics omni-channel content delivery platform deployed space would mean a better and rich shopping experience, where they can make more informed and better shopping choices. Loyalty reward points, personalized deals, and real time location based instant offers, while helping businesses and brands for customer retention, provides the customers with the best and hassle free shopping experience.  And now make sure you are not too late to deploy your share of bfonics omni-channel content delivery platform.



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