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We are a team of professionals, industry experts, developers, designers and marketing specialists who work together to bring the idea of customer engagement to reality. We provide professional, innovative and technologically advanced customer engagement solutions to clients. Our clientele and partnerships spread across continents and our expertise is well appreciated in the industry.
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bfonics’s take on digital marketing and the changing face of customer engagement

The trends in digital marketing are moving towards proximity based engagements using beacons, Wi-Fi and other related technologies. In the world of today`s ever evolving digital media it may sound strange if the customers are to discover a new product for the first time as they enter a store. The scope of the internet is so high that the customers always have insights on a product before they get it from a store. Minute by minute we are exposed digitally through various platforms, devices and social media to new services, products as well as innovations. Going over the recent trends in digital marketing, we see a lot of creativity as well as systematic approaches which are worthy of giving a shot. Even though few cast doubts on certain trends, it seen by many as a prospect for proving their doubters wrong.

Shift towards Customer Preferences

The high scale adoption of mobile devices at jet rate has now blown out the customer`s openness towards engaging with brand even before they decide to purchase. Most retailers are now studying customer preferences to boost the success rate of their offline and online marketing campaign by tailoring the right content to enrich customer experience. Retailers are now closing the gap in understanding the complexities and utilize every opportunity to make customer engagement programs successful.

  1. Quality of Proximity Data

It should be understood that not every data is generated alike. The prospect of deep knowledge of human behavior and its purpose is the trump card of good business and sales. The dearth of quality obviously restricts the capability to pull out relevant online information. So, bfonics analytics and data platform is now developed to focus more on closing the gap of quality data to cater customer needs. Our data analytics tool comes along with the various engagement platforms including those for small business and large enterprises.

  1. Proximity security becoming more of a mandate

As lot of proximity projects are being deployed in different sectors, sometimes in locations which demand secure communication such as airports, banks, defense areas etc. This demands a certain defined level of security for making use of user data. Clients often worry about the security of data, being exchanged, on account of the high number of electronic data thefts rising these days. A large-scale security breach may potentially tarnish the credibility of the ever evolving proximity industry which is forcing manufacturers to lean towards closing the loopholes for any potential fraud that may interfere. bfonics maintains a high level of customer data security procedure and has helped businesses gain the trust of customers which indeed converts to hassle-free business.

  1. Focus on customer retargeting

Customer retargeting is one of the emerging trends that retailers are putting more time into, to get the best of out of their business. More than just the in-store communication through push messages and in-store analytics based on beacon driven data, the focus is now getting aligned on retargeting which might not utilize push notifications. As the technology evolved, the intelligence applied based on the value of data increased, and we see a maturity in both client and technology approach. We will see more and more brands and retailers diving deep on data and technologies to develop innovative and effective ways of online and offline marketing. bfonics’ omni-channel customer engagement platform is a one stop solution for businesses to target, retarget and engage with customers using its various tools.


Let’s explore the various digital marketing techniques offered by bfonics.

  1. Digital Commerce and Search, shift towards Social Media

The face of marketing has totally undergone a change with the advent and advancement of social media. Facebook ,Twitter, Google+, Instagram are some of the major tools used in bfonics platform.  It has to be noted that social media engines such as Facebook is already working on its custom developed search engine with better search capacity in the social media. The search capabilities are sure to be a boon for brands as they automatically boost it visibility.  With the business to get kick started over the Facebook`s Messenger app, clients may find it easier to interact with their customers. If this trend is going to be a hit, then consumers can buy things online over their app, receive notifications through its instant message feature and recommend their friends to use it.

  1. Pay-Per-Click Marketing Based on Identity in Advertising Sector

Identity-Based Pay-Per-Click Marketing technique offered by bfonics allow businesses to bring up specific ads to targeted audience based on their email or phone number. This indeed helps to direct relevant content or ads which can provide the targeted individual with the right information which they are looking out for. It’s just like you are having a magic wand to answer the queries of your customers before they could find answers by their own.

PPC was indeed not a system to get a content go viral over the web world, it is just a catalyst that can help a content go forward. PPC ads help to get highly exciting contents visible to those desiring targeted audiences who propel them to go viral. By isolating those targeted audience with highly reputable social profiles, you can help to get your brand gain attention which elevates the chances of your message caught by a market that`s targeted and making it viral.

  1. How consumers can be the promoters of your brand

It’s a human nature to take in the advices offered by people whom we are close with. We always believe if one of our close friends suggests that he used a particular product and recommend you to use them. You may at least give a try once. This is new area where the digital market is now finding scope with. We are working on something calling the  “User Generated Content

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