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8 interesting ways t

8 Interesting Ways To Leveraging Beacon Technology To Change the Face of Airports Across the World?

It is the dream and right of any passenger to experience a hassle free journey while they are at the airports. Most often this doesn`t seem to work out as their time at the airports is usually about last minute delays and changes, lack of proper information and the pain of standing in long queues. With IoT taking over the airports supported by beacon technology, this pain is slowly alleviating and passengers are getting better end-to-end travel experiences.

The changes that we witness now include improved in-flight entertainment, beacon technology, facial recognition technology that enables quick security checks, robots for car parking etc. The airports as well as the airline industry are reaping the benefits offered by the emerging technologies, propelling it forward offering best services to the passengers. bfonics’ proximity based passenger engagement platform is state-of-the-art technology for airports and airlines. bfonics is working with popular airlines and airports in setting up this technology in order to increase passenger interaction and engagement inside airports. Listed are the major use cases that can be implemented with the help of this technology.

  1. Automated check-in process and mobile boarding pass

Once bfonics proximity platform is integrated with the airport processes and systems, users can be recognized automatically and they can check-in to the airport in a hassle free manner. Users’ reaching the airport just scans the boarding pass and they have the choice to opt-in for location detection for receiving relevant real-time information on flight schedules, boarding gates, baggage claim etc. The highlight includes providing travelers who make use of this app with notifications on latest promotions on their Smartphone directly whenever they are near a duty free store within the airport.

  1. Conveying Wait Times

Busiest airports in the world can make use of beacon driven technology to inform passengers about the real wait times at the queues. This technology can be leveraged to provide true processing time for travelers who are waiting for taking their turns in customs and security queues. These beacons can identify the crowd density based on footfalls which helps in precise staff allocation.

Special display monitors which constantly notifies the exact wait time are mounted at particular points such as Customs and Border Protection areas, checkpoint, TSA security, indoor taxi queue etc. to help passengers without Smartphone. The highlight is special display boards in addition to the beacon driven Smartphone, that convey wait times.

Conveying Wait Times

  1. Combination of Beacon Technology and Augmented Reality

The highly advanced airport navigation app developed by bfonics combines Beacon technology and Augmented Reality. The inbuilt interactive navigation assistance of the app helps passengers to easily find out any store, section or restaurants with a few clicks. In addition to this, the app also enables the passengers to select their flight so that they can get relevant data. The main highlight of this app is the integration of beacon technology with augmented reality to come up with an interactive physical and digital experience.


  1. Luggage Tracking

With the emergence of proximity technology platforms, the system of dropping and collecting the luggage has undergone a change which reduces the risk and concern of whether it will be lost in transit. The figure of the already prevailing flight-status notification services over Smartphone apps are expected to cross 96 percent by the year 2018 from the current 60 percent figures. Passengers will be informed over notifications about the location of their luggage. bfonics sticker beacons are small beacon devices that can be affixed to the luggage and its movement can be tracked real time using the app in the user’s smart phone.

  1. Navigational Assistance

Beacon-enabled apps to provide passengers with directions inside the airport. Personalized updates and guidelines based on passenger location and requirements at the airport thereby enriching passenger experiences. As soon as the passenger opens the app, it queries whether they are travelling to a particular airport and provides them with all the flight schedules in and out of the airport. The indoor navigation feature of the app allows users to find places and points inside large airports.

Navigational Assistance

  1. Voiceover Technology for visually challenged passengers

Installing multiple beacons at different locations inside the airport helps not only the usual passengers, but also the visually impaired at the airport. Relevant notifications are sent to the passengers’ smart phone as they walk through the Airport helping them, clarify their concerns. The app is designed in a way to look out for flight gates, ATMs, power outlets and information desks with ease. The highlight of this beacon driven application is the integration of a Voiceover technology to help the visually challenged to navigate without any difficulty through the airport.

  1. Loyalty Programs

An airport can be installed with beacons and proximity sensors of bfonics platform enabling effective communication with loyal passengers.  Numerous beacons installed across an airport can send push notifications which are rich with contextual retail information as well as promotions to users, based upon their proximity and location. This custom designed app collects points automatically whenever the passengers who belongs to the Airport’s Premium Club, navigates across the airport. It also helps the club members to have easy access to Fast Track Security which enables them to make use of their frequent flyer card automatically. The platform will be integrated with airport’s loyalty programs on the app itself.

  1. Smartwatches at airports

Beacons mounted by airports facilitates in the triggering of location based relevant information on the targeted nearby devices. Smartwatches can be provided to airport staff in order to carry out operations. In conjunction with the smartwatches, beacons assist in spotting out the right location of staff, so as to allocate and communicate tasks based on their specific location within the airports. This initiative helps improve staff efficiency. Thus, the main highlight is the deployment of beacons for resource allotments to improve operational efficiency at airports.

Even though beacons and IoT are implemented in aviation industry, they are still in the developing stage. It may not take so long before beacons decorate the status as one of the mainstream of airport infrastructure. Players in the aviation and airport industry are researching with Eddystone beacons and nearby apps to get rid of the need of unique app for each airport. Hence the focus is mainly directed on developing a totally connected travel experience which connects passengers within the airports as well as within the cities, offering services like city navigation, taxi assistance etc. bfonics airport and passenger experience platform is unique in ideas and innovation and is being implemented and tested at various airports already.

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