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Smart Cities

Smart Cities, Smart living : bfonics Smart Engagement Platform.

Urban spaces are expanding tremendously with a major part of world’s population moving into urban centers in search of employment, education, business and others. It is estimated that by 2050 70% of the population will be leaving in cities. This trend is however not without its effects and problems. These days it is becoming more and more pressing for governments to develop a urban system and structure that would sustainably and qualitatively cater to the needs and necessities of the ‘city-zens’  and the urban spaces. Without adequate planning and measures in this regard it is not possible to make a descent and stress-free life possible in today’s cities.

It is to this end that smart cities are realized. A smart city is an urban location with highly advanced standard of living in terms of technological facilities, infrastructure, communications, market etc. The concept was first introduced at a time when the entire world was affected by an economic crisis. In different parts of the globe smart city projects are materialized in a joint effort between citizens, technocrats and state governments. It is estimated that the number of smart cities worldwide will quadruple within a period of 12 years reaching up to 88 smart cities by 2025. Also, if provided appropriate technologies and solutions these smart cities can effectively deal with issues of congestion and waste of energy and can contribute to more equitable distribution of resources and improve quality of life.

bfonics ‘Urbanairapp’ is bfonics’ latest innovation in the smart engagement space that aims at enhancing urban experience through mobile. bfonics has built a smart city engagement platform that comprises of the beacons and sensors, bfonics cloud and Urbanair mobile application.


bfonics Smart Engagement Platform - Smart Cities


How can bfonics platform contribute to the smart atmosphere of the cities?


  • Tourism and city guidance are the major areas that can be addressed using our platform. Development of cities into centers of tourism helps create more job opportunities and increase flow of revenue into the city. However, to become a tourist site is not easy. Realizing the historical significance and value of different structures in the city, building museums, rising awareness etc are only the first step. To provide the tourists a pleasant and rich stay in the city and to meet their expectations is of foremost importance, especially today. Beacons are important tools here. Fixing beacons in the parks and museums is to make the trees, caves, art, artifacts etc. inside the park or museum interactive for kids and families allowing a learning tour session with family and friends. Proximity technology based platform of bfonics, guide tourists and citizens by providing them with real time information on different attractions and public utilities in the city.


  • Beacon’s ability to send messages and information via audio through the respective app has opened up possibilities for visually impaired citizens. Wanted notification regarding transportation, contextual navigation and important utilities and landmarks can be passed on to the smart phones of the visually impaired via audio. This has been materialized in different cities.


  • Passing information at the right time and at the right place can help avoid many day-to-day disasters and accidents. Beacons can be deployed in a smart city to notify people of emergencies. Columbus Ohio has deployed 1,300 beacons as part of their safe city initiative that send important messages related to matters of safety and public hazards. bfonics smart beacons can also be set at dangerous locations allowing fast and easy notification of incidents of danger to the respective authority.
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  • Information sent through beacons and sensors also help in developing a more planned waste management system. Citizens at a particular location can be notified of the waste depositing facilities in the area. A similar communication can also be made possible with the authorities notifying them in case of any discrepancies in the matter and in need of any actions.


  • A good transportation service is a foremost feature of a livable city. Beacons can help in developing and maintaining one such system. Fixing beacons in stations and buses passing relevant information into the smart phones of the travelers according to the place and time of their purchased ticket and travel history can ensure for the travelers a hassle free journey to any corners of the city. The beacons established thus should be passing on different set of information to the residents of the city and to the outsiders.


  • Data is the most important element that would help in good governance. This is the same with governing a smart city too. However, to get these data out is a challenge for the authorities. IoT and beacons can be used to collect important data about the residents and tourists. This data collected from different sectors of a city will be curated and combined by bfonics platform to deliver meaningful analytics. This in turn can be used to develop better infrastructure and facilities in the city. Authorities can also collect feedback on different services in the city.


bfonics good transportation service - Smart Cities


Many cities are already experimenting with beacons to provide tourists and citizens a better and pleasant stay. At a time when governments are coming forward with smart city projects beacon implementations at smart cities and exploring of different use cases is becoming more important. bfonics ‘urbanair app’ is bfonics’ latest innovation in the smart engagements space that aims at enhancing urban experience through  mobile. It contains features that contribute to the urban experience of the civic population and brands and businesses. For the citizens, it get things done at the click of a button. Offers, deals, discounts on products, tickets and brands are made easily available real-time through the urban air app. For brands and businesses it provides a ready space for advertisements and product showcasing. It helps in proximity based product promotion campaigns and relevant interaction with customers. For the governing bodies it provides the big data necessary for developing the infrastructure and governing process of the city. Through urbanairapp, bfonics is establishing its name in the field of smart engagements through a smart platform that is futuristic and at the same time contemporary in approach.


Download and Install your Urbanair app Here: Google Playstore 

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