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bfonics Wi-Fi beacon technology to transform the healthcare industry

WiFi beacon technology to transform the healthcare industry – bfonics

bfonics has been keen at providing world class solutions to clients and one of them being in the healthcare industry.  bfonics proximity solution platform is state of the art technology which provides end to end solution to the healthcare service providers. Providing a platform that addresses the pressing problems of these healthcare services companies is what makes bfonics the most sought after in this particular sector. All major healthcare service providers believe in patient care and would like to serve each one of them to the best of their abilities. But, they also feel that there is a huge need gap in this area and needs to be addressed effectively to improve patient care and enhance credibility of the hospitals.

It is a known fact that major medical institutes across the world are developing official mobile apps for smart phones as it helps to increase patient engagement. At bfonics we provide a whole suite beacon technology solution with customization options as required.


How bfonics healthcare platform can revolutionize patient experience?




  1. Patient information: Many hospitals have already started replacing traditional patient charts with digital alternatives, giving doctors and nurses the ability to use iPads connected to the hospitals network to easily view patient information. This provides a number of obvious benefits such as centralizing patient information, preventing lost charts, improved data accuracy, better security and restrictions to sensitive data. By introducing beacons to this type of a system, doctors could automatically be presented with the relevant patient file as soon as they enter the room – improving their efficiency and removing the need to remember and look up patient names. It could also improve upon the confidentiality of patient data by restricting patient information access to doctors who actually spend time with the patient.


  1. Wearables and beacons : Wearable have become part of people’s lives especially when it comes to health. Health bands, watches, hospital wearables can now be connected with bfonics healthcare platform and real time information on patients can be captured. This will help doctors and staff attend to a patient during emergencies by getting real time information on any changes in their health parameters. Thus, increasing chances of survival.
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  1. Equipment tracking: Talk to any nurse who works within a large hospital and you will find that equipment going missing is a constant pain point for them. Combine this with the cost of the replacing the equipment and we have a significant opportunity to address this issue through beacon deployments. Given the small cost and long battery life of bfonics beacon devices, it makes sense to tag valuable equipment within hospitals. This could include medical machinery, patient beds, wheel chairs or anything that could be moved from one room to another. Combining beacon tagging with software on nurses and doctors phones/tablets would allow them to immediately locate a piece of equipment within the hospital as well as easily manage equipment inventory.


  1. Staff tracking: Another great feature that beacon technology could provide is locating staff in a large space. This would improve efficiency and internal communication as it becomes easy to locate staff without the need to page them and potentially distracting them from an important task or operation. It would also allow them to quickly locate doctors during an emergency and improve emergency response times. Whilst tracking staff may create some privacy concerns, these could be easily mitigated using some simple management tools and security controls.


Hospital navigation and contextual information


  1. Hospital navigation and contextual information: One of the more obvious benefits of beacon technology within hospitals is indoor navigation. GPS does not work well in-doors or over multiple floors, and this is where beacons shine. By implementing beacons throughout the hospital, an application could be provided to temporary staff and visitors, that will guide them via a map to where they need to go. It could even pin-point patient location and important spots inside hospitals. This application could also be used to provide contextual information to patients such as waiting times, important notices or instructions based on their location.
  1. Automated check-in for regular patients: Beacon technology can help in automated patient check-in process as well. Patients that return to hospital regularly for checkups or repeating procedure, could use an application that automatically checks them in at the front desk and provides them with pre-loaded information about where to go, waiting times, and other relevant information.


Automated check-in for regular patients


  1. Communication: One of the most challenging aspects of running a large healthcare facility is effective communication between all staff members involved in patient care. Coordination between staff is pivotal in such a highly concentrated and time-sensitive environment. With beacons, all staff member movements can be tracked including visits to patient rooms, allowing administrators to watch and document important information. Even further, all staff members involved with patients can communicate through the app, notating completed test and procedures, medication dosing, etc. In an emergency situation, the closest available staff member can also be routed through the app making for faster response times in often critical moments. Lastly, important information such as medication allergies and other critical notes can be relayed between staff members, making sure everyone is on the same page at all times.




  1. Data and insights for decision making: Valuable data on patients, doctors, staff, usage of hospital equipment and infrastructure can be gathered. These important insights and data are critical in making decisions for better management, improving staff efficiency and also to enhance patient care.


  1. Beacons in Pharmacy: Using beacons historical coupon data of the patient can be made available to the pharmacist when they are in proximity to the store. Beacons can also be used to find locations including shelf position for individual items, thus reducing wait times and queue at the pharmacy counter.


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