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Mobile Applications

How mobile applications integrated with beacon technology is changing businesses

Today, customers are always on the move and mobile applications are helping them get whatever they want. Whether it is tablets, mobile phones, phablets, or any other gadgets, all the information is just a click away. Such is the relevance of mobile apps in today`s market and next gen is rapidly shifting towards mobile applications. People love to browse with their smart phones and shop through apps. Mobile applications have become the best option for service providers to connect with audience and provide offers, deals and discounts real time.  It’s a blind fact, that no matter what business you run, mobile apps equipped with proximity technology helps you find and retain customers. bfonics is working with various large and small businesses in creating a beacon technology network using partner mobile applications.

Custom Mobile Applications


Mobile Applications


Mobile application has an important role to play in the proximity technology arena as it is the point which connects the platform with the customer. The beacon technology platform can be easily integrated with an existing mobile application or it can be built in during app development. The integration of beacons makes the app more powerful and relevant for the businesses. The app once downloaded by the user can be used by the businesses for communication, information transfer, user tracking, proximity based payments, customer data analytics and for myriad other actions.  With the adoption of beacon technology (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) especially in locations with high rate of footfalls, proximity driven experiences are often enriched. Various companies especially retailers are joining the network and becoming part of the platform. With big brands and retailers already exploiting this strategy, even the small and medium sized businesses are leveraging it for better results with less expense as native and custom apps may be costly to afford.

Our Solutions


Mobile Applications


At bfonics we develop customized mobile and tablet apps offering comprehensive mobility solutions which cater to specific requirements suited to targeted business and brands. With a rise in the adoption of smart phones by the masses coupled with the advancement in technology, it has become a real need rather than an option for businesses to simplify and enrich the mobile experiences to their audience.  bfonics provides clients with insights into UI design & architecture, competitive analysis, testing, prototyping, launch and promotion so that they understand better on app development and promotion. As a part of our ongoing projects, we are trying to tie up with different apps and create a network which can be accessed by partners businesses and brands.

How business and customers benefit each other from Mobile Apps integrated with proximity technology?


bfonics beacon technology platform is an accepted model which is currently being used by various retailers, restaurant chains and other businesses. Our platform is a combination of beacons, Wi-Fi, mobile applications and cloud platform. Customized, user experience driven proximity messaging and contextual engagements are the key inputs provided by our platform. So, how does it help?


  • Better coverage and reach through mobile devices with the specified app.
  • Enhance visibility of the business to a larger audience by becoming part of the large beacon network of bfonics.
  • Creating brand value through targeted advertisements.
  • Boost Sales by triggering offers and discounts on users phones based on context.
  • Pamper loyal customers by recognizing them instantly using the platform.
  • Convert moving mass of customers to buyers.


Apart from what the businesses benefit, it is equally beneficial to customers.

  • Receive prior notifications of launches, special events, flash sales etc.
  • Customers are single click away from the business contact and service delivery.
  • Getting real time deals and discounts to help them make informed and lucrative purchase decisions.
  • Get navigational assistance to the business centre from where the customer locates the business.
  • Customers can easily browse through retailer’s inventory and choose the desired one.
  • Do cashless and cardless payment using proximity technology.

bfonics provides varied options for the businesses to engage and enhance visibility. The platform comes with a package of elements necessary to build an effective omni-channel marketing model.


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Nearby Notifications :  An App less model


Mobile Applications


Given birth by the search giant Google few months back, the crawling infant Nearby Notifications is slowly gripping its hands in the business world. A lot of brands spanned across different verticals are adopting Google Nearby to enrich customer experiences through contextually relevant notifications. You can read more about Google Nearby on our blog here.

Nearby is expected to gain faster adoption as it works without a mobile application. Mobile application and its promotion in building an effective proximity marketing strategy is a hard nut to crack. With the introduction of Google Nearby, we will see beacon technology shifting more towards an App-less model.

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