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How safe is customer data with any beacon platform : An in depth analysis report

Beacon technology’s ability to rightly cater personalized services, choices and offers to customers through mobile phones have made it one of the most desirable technology for firms intending a customer engagement policy to improve revenue. And at the same time customers and businesses are equally worried about the safety of data and location information which is used during the whole process. This year has seen significant innovations and improvements in working out beacon technology in different sectors pushing beacons to make technological headlines. However, along with increasing technological advancements that utilizes customer data, customers are becoming more and more concerned and aware of the privacy risks posed by these. Newspaper reports and articles, over the least years have written about tracking beacons and the insecurity of customer data collected, creating alarm and confusion. However, despite this we see positive attitude towards the technology growing over the years which is also result of the trust it could build in its users. Here are some facts on beacon security. As we try to explain the model which we follow at bfonics, we will cover all those aspects where data is used, stored or retrieved.


First and foremost thing about beacons is that, they do not track you all the time.

customer data


Reports on beacons tracking customers through their mobile phones created a hype over privacy and security concerns. The reality, as many beacon producers and technocrats has shown is far from this. Beacons are primarily location based technologies that collect information on your current location communicating with the respective app on your mobile phones. Beacons themselves can broadcast only one way radio signal and contains very little data which includes the ID of an individual beacon and proximity estimating information. In the case of bfonics platform, it is when you have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi turned on, on your mobile phone and in the presence of an app that the beacon is detected. An app which is related to bfonics platform does this detection more perfectly enabling features like information sending, pushing notification etc. in the proximity of the beacon. It is thus clear that, the permission to share any kind of data is with the user and they can enable or disable it anytime.

The data that is collected using bfonics platform is mostly for the purpose of enhancing customer acquisition and retention through continuous engagement. bfonics smart beacons recognize customers when they walk in to the store. It is thus easy to identify a repeated customer, unique customer, loyal customer, number of visits made by a repeated customer and the amount of time spent by the customer in-store. These values and measurements are highly relevant for retailers when it comes to running loyalty and reward based programs. Eg. A customer who walks-in to the store 10 times becomes a repeated customer, thus enabling beacons to push special offers. Furthermore, based on the purchase history the same customer becomes a loyal customer opening up new offers and discounts based on the loyalty program. This kind of data is a win win-win for the customers as well as for brands and businesses.


Some Facts

Some Facts - customer data


  • Beacons can collect location data only, that too not necessarily on their own. However, with the mobile app associated with the beacon, the amount of data that can be collected increases to a good extent.


  • Ideally, data collected through the mobile apps can be categorized into, social data and behavioral data. Social data includes basic information like name, email, birthday, location, demographics etc. while behavioral data like brand affinities, online and offline shopping behavior allows partner brands to leverage personalized services and provide enhanced customer experience.


  • The interest of companies and firms collecting beacon data through their apps is to collect necessary customer details that would contribute to their business interests and also help them to enhance customer’s shopping experience. Maintaining a fine line in communication with the customers is regarded as elementary in customer acquisition and retention.


  • While the BIG DATA of beacons has opened up high prospects for the retailers, it is also important to build customer trust in the technology.


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