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Beacon Technology

bfonics Beacon Technology Platform To Reform New Gen Offices

With the exception of the addition of computers and few other gadgets to the employee`s desk, the office spaces has not undergone a revolutionary revamp over the last 50 years. Even though papers got largely replaced by electronic gadgets, people still follow the same conventional modus of operandi at work. However, changes in the infrastructure of the organizations along with its employees are prompting organizations to adapt to smarter ways of working for better utilization of resources.

The work place of the future could make you feel as you are superhero from the movies. The technology to leap forward is today in our hands, thanks to the development of beacons and other associated devices. Even though it’s not a fresh idea, indoor positioning started gaining momentum only recently. Letting electronic devices identify where you are in the specified location is not only simple but a powerful idea. bfonics with its Wi-Fi and beacon enabled proximity technology platform is working with various organizations for converting them into smart places of work.

How Can Offices Go Smarter With Beacon Technology?


Beacon Technology


We have seen multiple applications of beacons across industries. bfonics recently extended its beacon technology platform for offices and workplaces and has gained applause from clients and partners alike. bfonics proximity tool consists of beacons, mobile app and dashboard. bfonics platform is a user friendly  tool for smart internal communication and information transfer. The implementation of ‘smart offices’ through beacon technology (Wi-Fi or bluetooth) cost much less in comparison to the usual maintenance chores in your building.

This new beacon powered technology paves the way for a futuristic office. It helps identify individuals in office premises through the app installed in each employee`s mobile. This is a major reason for the smart offices to take off as it helps to single out each individual out of hundreds or thousands of employees and treat them based on their work. Individuals, who have different needs and habits in diverse environments needs to be catered with specific and relevant information. Holding info regarding ‘who is where’, the relevance of the location and time allows employers to assess and engage with employees in real time, allowing systems to minimize efforts or even automate certain tasks. The real benefit is helping you focus.


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bfonics also provides a solution wherein employees are provided with a sticker beacon integrated ID card. Receivers will be placed across different areas inside the building or in different buildings. Employees carrying the tag can be tracked and their movements recorded for internal quality and performance evaluation purposes. This is mostly applicable in the case of companies such as those providing security services, airports, factories etc.


Efficient Resource Utilization

Each time an employee checks into the office premises, the beacons installed in the campus captures their activity through the app installed in the mobile phones. Details regarding employee check-in and check-out are logged and stored in the back end data base, marking the attendance of each of them based on their time spend in office. These time logs can be generated by employers to efficiently design a system for each employee to get maximum output.

Beacon Technology


Relaying Info well in advance

It doesn’t matter where you stand in the premises of a smart office, you will be notified of all the relevant info you need, be it news, schedule or reminders of any important tasks or meetings in real time to keep all well informed in advance, including any last minute changes.

In large organizations, it is very tricky to find a person belonging to a particular section and with the aid of bfonics platform, you have the option to look out for the nearest available person in a specific section instead of wandering in the open space. The advantage here is that you don’t interrupt other people much and may even find someone new in the same department who could cater your needs.


Emergency Alerts

In the event of an emergency, beacon technology helps to track down staff at each nook and corner of the office and alert them to exit through the safest possible path. In factories or large organizations handling sophisticated equipments, beacons alert employees of the hazard involved in a particular machinery or area and notify them to suit up with the right gear. By linking up with beacons, the app can pinpoint the location of a person and an incoming phone call to person`s VOIP could be directed to desk phone inside the room where the person is standing. Smart office enables employee to notify others with a single touch in case of fire or other emergencies.


Beacon Technology


Going Green

Even the temperature and lighting in the office could be controlled by beacons. It can turn off the lights in a conference room when people leave and switch it on as soon as a person enters. Also the AC could be controlled based on the count of people in a particular room. More than just lighting and temperature adjustments, this technology is spilling over every department to make life easy and systematic.


Optimizing Resource Utilization

By recording the dwell time in office rooms, cabins, conference rooms etc. the system could measure utility of space and also track employee movements. bfonics system can track the work rate and working hours of a person by calculating the engagement period which help employers make decisions on appraisals and assigning optimal tasks. This helps to design a balanced work load between the employees, so that neither resources gets too overloaded, nor they sit idle without any work.


Infrastructure Planning

Our platform provides data and insights on resource utilization. Data on the daily usage of meeting rooms is important to make a decision on where meetings rooms should be placed or how many meeting rooms are required in order to optimize its use.

It even helps to automatically reserve a conference room. It sounds exciting if the smart office can go through your calendar and cross check to find out head count of attendees in office, to book a meeting room that can comfortably accommodate all attendees. You can even know if any of your colleagues are in another meeting in a different room.

From an operational and financial perspective, it would be great to determine the hourly cost of a meeting to get the cost- efficacy, thereby scheduling the meetings in the most efficient manner based on the data gathered through beacon technology. This helps to determine which resources are really needed for a meeting and who are not, which in turn increases the value of a meeting. This efficient manpower and space utilization is expected to bring in greater business returns.


Employee Engagement

Beacons also help to wish and greet employees during their birthdays in real time while they step into office. Employee engagement activities and programs like treasure hunts, fun at desk, other skilled based games etc. could be coordinated in smart offices with beacons. This helps employees relax between hectic schedules and recharge themselves.


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