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bfonics proximity marketing platform : A guide to customer engagement strategies in-store

bfonics has long been providing technology support in the digital content delivery platform making use of the right blend of beacon technology, mobile application and web to connect the physical and digital world. bfonics is associated with various retailers, hyperlocal mobile applications and hyper local shop discovery platforms in order to provide proximity based services to the customers present in the defined vicinity of the stores which are beacon driven.

bfonics’s popular Wi-Fi beacon technology is patent pending and are compatible with both Eddystone and ibeacon and use Wi-Fi signals to communicate unlike the BLE (Bluetooth low energy) models. Wi-Fi beacons when installed at retail outlets will deliver contextually rich advertisement real time. The implementation of beacon technology at stores aims to engage users by sending alerts on products in a store, deals, offers, discounts etc. based on their proximity. As customers look out for items in the aisles in the retail stores, beacons deployed there will track and record their movements and push relevant notifications to their hand held devices based on what they are searching for and these contextual and digital recommendations will appear both as push notifications as well as in-app suggestions.

Some important benefits provided by bfonics platform include:


Increase Customer engagement:

Increase Customer engagement

Wi-Fi beacons can be utilized to improve customer engagement and interaction along with bill boards and hoardings at any given location, provided these beacons broadcast real time information on to the smart phones of the customer within vicinity. The relayed information includes promotional coupons, offer messages, discounts, loyalty points or any generic information on products or offerings at retail outlets.


Enhance quality of hoarding and bill boards : Dynamic bill boards:

Wi-Fi beacons deployed on the bill boards and hoarding could recognize the visitors in the proximity and dynamically communicate the relevant ads to the demographics of the potential customers who are just visitors initially. Let`s take the case of a bill board inside a shopping mall which can dynamically play an ad related to shaving cream as soon as the Wi-Fi driven beacon technology identifies that a lot of men are in its proximity range, similarly it can play a dynamic advertisement on female beauty products, if the technology identifies that women out powers men to a large extent within its range.


Reverse tracking and loyalty:

Reverse tracking and loyalty - Customer engagement

Reverse tracking and recognizing loyal customers is an important feature offered by bfonics, wherein retailers can get notified when a loyal customer walks-in and thus can be provided with special assistance, offers and deals. Reminders on available reward and loyalty points can be sent to the customer as they walk-in, thus creating an impression. Customers can save and view reward points later using the designated mobile app.


Footfall and heat maps:

Beacons are now one of the most powerful and effective tools which can monitor and record heat maps (traffic patterns) of the visitors in store. It`s an interesting fact that even when beacons are not triggering any particular messages, they can passively measure traffic by communicating with the devices in its vicinity. These data metrics are critical for any business to understand and formulate future business strategy for promotions and sales or even to promote contextual info to the visitors.

  • Beacon can be used to measures dwell time, ad view behavior, movements and possible buying patterns in order to generate effective analytics for future campaign programs and promotions.
  • Also measure the density or concentration of visitors at particular time of the day and plan offers and rewards based on the data collected.
  • Beacons make it easy to plan and experiment with different advertising and promotional campaigns to test effectiveness, whether it is to drive sales, awareness or engagement.
  • Anticipate future purchase behavior based on predictive analytics.


Enhance quality of hoarding and bill boards - Customer engagement


Digital ‘like’ or ‘tweet’:

Another specialty of these Wi-Fi driven beacons is that it enables users to digitally ‘tweet’ or ‘like’ something which they found interesting or enjoyed, such as an advertisement run on a bill board or a product which a user glanced through on their smart phone. This idea can work out as a great advertising platform when streamed directly over the social media gaining more visibility and gathering direct online publicity benefiting business.



Game based advertisement campaigns can be carried out using Wi-Fi beacons. These beacons can trigger messages to the visitor’s smart phone prompting them to play a game to search for their items or products in-store to win attractive prizes. Integrating such simple gaming ideas will improve customer engagement and attract customers to try out things on your store improving business.

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In a time when shopping online gets boring, people try to go out and shop all over again trying out products physically. bfonics platform tries to target these customers by emphasizes on contextual content delivery. By providing an option to subscribe to notifications bfonics gives the power to customers and helps them search, identify and buy relevant products for the best possible rate at any store.

bfonics platform is growing with more and more retailers recognizing the value of proximity based marketing.

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