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A Great Coffee Time With Beacons

The possibilities for beacon implementation in sectors other than retail stores is being explored and experimented. Players from lot more fields are adopting the technology and a good number of beacon producers and providers are catering its services to clients from diverse sectors. bfonics itself through its various platforms have talked about and materialized beacon technology implementation in different fields for different purposes. This time we are looking into the possibilities beacon technology implementation offers for leisure spaces like coffee houses cafes, restaurants etc.

Most important to keep in mind when we talk about beacons in coffee houses, cafes and restaurants is that cafes and restaurants are spaces of leisure and entertainment and thus adaptation of any technology shouldn’t be hindering to this quality of the space but rather should be more enhancing. The proximity communication enabled by beacons shouldn’t be in any way disturbing the easiness and leisure time of the customer. Thus, to talk about beacon technology adaptation in these places is to talk about a different set of applications and proximity communication that goes beyond loyalty programs and push notifications on offers and coupons.

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Now, what can coffee houses do to get the best out of Wi-Fi beacons?


  • Place beacons at the right spots: Entrances and exits are common spots for placing beacons which can help in providing customers a warm welcome and send off. Notifications regarding personalized offers and coupons can also be leveraged at these spots.


  • Passing the right solutions through beacons placed at the right spots can enhance the customer experience inside a coffee house many times. Menu cards can be pushed to the customer’s mobile phones who can also make the order through his/her phone. The menu cards can also be accompanied by more detailed information on each product that would help in assisting the not so frequent customers to make the right choice and not to be misled.


  • Customers can be provided with an option to pre-order wanted items through the café app that upon reaching the café he/she can get the ordered item ready without having to wait.


  • Loyalty programs can be most productively managed using beacons. Along with special offers and points for loyal customers, selected customers can be given special discount on his/her favorite dish which is most frequently consumed. The sales people can be notified the entry of a loyal customer along with his/her history of purchase at the café house. The sales people can, in person give special greetings to loyal customers and can approach them with knowledge of their tastes and likes.


  • Push notifications on special products can be passed to those in the premises helping for cross selling and up selling. Also, customers’ feedback on new items and products can also be sought. This would help in developing a business culture that values the opinions of the customers, as important partners in the whole endeavor.


  • Beacons placed at the billing point help to bring great ease for payment both for customers and the coffee house. For instance, Customers who have bfonics ‘Proxpay’ API integrated in his/her mobile wallets can opt for proximity payment at the POS which is recognized by the beacons placed at the spot. This enables a hassle-free contactless payment process. Proxpay is bfonics’ recently launched payment API that can be integrated to one’s mobile wallet making it proximity friendly. It works using the Wi-Fi beacon technology that is established in the premise of retails stores, coffee houses, cafes, restaurants, cinema houses etc.


  • Moreover, beacons can also be used to selectively leverage third party ads to customers’ smart phones in a targeted manner helping to increase revenue. The café can rent out or lease out the whole platform to a third party or a brand in order make incremental revenue.

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Beacons at coffee houses thus in these different ways can be used to manage crowds and queues. The giant coffee retailer, Starbucks has already announced its plan to adopt ibeacons in its various outlets. Starbucks in its press release that announces the launching have talked a lot about the need to welcome beacon technology in cafes. Starbucks said that it would leverage beacon technology primarily to allow the customers at its premium-coffee Roastery and Tasting Rooms to receive information on freshly brewed coffee through their smart phones. Starbucks’ decision proves that beacons have a great role to play in leisure spaces like cafes and restaurants to enhance customer experience and increase revenue.

If leveraged carefully beacon technology is sure to drastically alter the time and space in a coffee café or restaurant. bfonics with its Wi-Fi beacons and proximity payment solution ‘proxpay’ is one of the best platforms available in the market today.



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