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Beacon Deployments

Live Beacon Deployments That Transformed Businesses

Beacon technology has been on swing of ups and downs over the past few years. With the broader adoption of this technology on various business verticals across multiple platforms, it gained a steady momentum lately. Business has been testing this application since its inception stage and it has now become essential to deploy it for connecting and personalizing with the customers.

Here we go through some of the significant live beacon deployments which has reformed the business and marketing ideologies.

Detroit Auto Expo

Beacon Deployments

The 2016 edition of the international auto show in Detroit has witnessed its event organizers turning out to beacon deployments to present its participants with a new experience. Realizing the potential opportunities of brand marketing opened by this highly user interactive technology, the organizers didn’t think twice to put in on board. Thirty beacons designed to interact with the event’s smart phone app was installed across the Detroit’s Cobo center to assist the participants on navigation through an already laid out floor plan during this iBeacon initiative.

Once the users open the app on entering the venue, they are displayed with a floor navigational map with empty circles marked in red. As the participants move away from one section to another, the red circles get checked to keep them informed that they had checked-in that particular area. Even though this edition’s beacon endeavor was designed to path finding, future auto expo editions are expected to roll out designs to track vehicle displays that have the largest number of recurring visitors and their highest dwell times.

mBeacon Pay (Mobile Pay – Danske Bank)

Beacon Deployments

Recently, the Danske Bank created the MobilePay to cater the basic requirements of simple money transfers. The goal was to implement money transfers just as simple as sending out a text over the phone. MobilePay which is collaboration between Danske Bank and its partners based in Nordic (Denmark and Norway) region has delivered more than thirty thousand MobilePay units there and is by far the largest deployment of beacons as a payment solution in the world. The mBeaconPay is the beacon driven technology propelling MobilePay and is an elegant beacon solution which can cater the requirements of merchants, consumers and banks at the same time.

mBeaconPay incorporate QR, Wi-Fi, BLE and NFC features within a single device to support payments over mobile. Despite the model, make and operating system, this mobile payment solution is supported in phones developed on multiple platforms; thanks to smart beacon. Using this technology, the transactions happens directly to the retailer from bank eliminating the intermediary touch points such as acquirers, merchant fees and other payment service providers from the fee chain. The probability of fraud or error is very unlikely due to its enhanced security. Also the direct interaction with customers helps the retailers and banks to bring in more brand loyalty along with outlining further options to lure new customers.

Google Hands-free

Beacon Deployments

Google has recently announced about deploying an app called hands-free in pilot mode by joining hands with Papa John’s and McDonald’s in southern San Francisco Bay area. Rolled out on iOS and android devices, this hands-free app make use of beacon technology to communicate with devices programmed at Papa John’s and McDonald’s as well as other eateries near to them. This provides an opportunity for Google to stretch the potential of digital payment solutions among their customers. This is the tech giant’s additional contribution since the launch of Android Pay.

Once you make the purchase in store, you can intimate the cashier that you got the option to pay with Google. The cashier confirms the user identity by collecting the user’s initials and cross checking the image uploaded in the hands-free profile. Also, Google is placing an in-store camera which compares the captured image with user’s hands-free profile picture to confirm the identity automatically. Based on the customers and the vendor’s feedback, Google is developing enhancements to scale it to a bigger audience.

CSIA Airport Mumbai

Beacon Deployments

The deployment of beacons in aviation sector is sure to facilitate smooth transition, right from check-in at the airport to baggage management and until the point of departure for air travelers. According to the Airline IT Trends survey carried out by Aviation Technology Firm SITA, it is estimated that by the end of 2018, around 45 percent of airlines will deploy iBeacon technology to improvise on customer engagement process. Apart from common cases of gate updates and flight notifications, most airports are now providing navigation maps, duty-free promotions and estimated time to gate by utilizing beacon based technologies.

The Mumbai based CSIA airport (GVK Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport) in India has come out with a new beacon driven app which is integrated with attributes such as augmented reality to relive passengers of any travel bottlenecks. Once the passengers select the flight through this app, they have the option to accept informative notifications on their targeted flights. Future development plan includes integrating taxi booking and features for “virtual walk-through

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