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Eddystone : A stepping stone to physical web

Imagine getting a cab ready when you step out of the house, flight schedule updates right on your phone when you reach the airport or navigation support in a mall. Yes, you heard it right, this is not a sci-fi movie but a real scenario which we will soon get to experience. Physical web enables users to get contextual information directly on the smart phones as opposed to searching on the web. This intelligent mode of information transfer happens with the help of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi beacons placed across an area. These beacons push relevant information to the handheld device of the user based on their interactions and engagements. The tech world has already begun exploring the possibilities of the physical web and its countless use cases.

With Google’s Eddystone technology, the implementation of physical web has become highly simplified and effective. The reason why Eddystone has been able to do so is because of its flexibility and ability to broadcast URLs.


Eddystone’s broadcast packets include:

Eddystone UID – Unique ID of beacons will trigger push notifications on a smart device based on its proximity with the beacons.

Eddystone URL- (Compressed URL) Similar to push notifications, beacons can push URLs to the smart phone of the user based on proximity.

Eddystone TLM- (Telemetry information) Transmit physical data and values such as temperature and humidity to a smart device using beacons.

The compressed URL is fundamentally the reason behind physical web that makes proximity based interaction frictionless. A mobile application is not required for physical interaction, thus practically making it possible for any smart phone to interact with the beacon device.

Developers and the tech community are experimenting with beacons as an effective technology for the development and implementation of physical web. It will be greatly exciting to see how the technology is going to take shape in the near future. With proximity based information delivery increasingly getting adopted and implemented, physical web is not far away. The big news is, proximity marketing companies can implement this technology with ease. Chrome and iOS has been supporting physical web since last year. Google is said to promote the technology and push it with Chrome version 49 on android phones globally, opening up new possibilities for proximity based companies.


Companies are benefited because:

  1. There is no need to develop and market an app
  2. URL based content is easy to develop and broadcast
  3. Deployment of beacons is easy, cheap and does not required trained professionals.


Consumers gain a lot from physical web, Here’s how:

  1. Users need not download or maintain different types of apps.
  2. Information comes to the user based on context and relevance and required no browsing over the web.
  3. Users can easily turn on and off tracking by the physical web.
  4. Users can choose the type of content they want to view.

The technology is named as the most seamless of all which makes user experience highly contextual and connected. The physical web technology is simpler, universal, highly intuitive and interactive. Mobile application was considered to be a great discovery wherein people could get information by swiping through the apps. When it comes to physical web, the ease is beyond imagination.

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Pratheeksha AK
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