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IoT of the future | Beacons

Internet of Things is said to take over our lives like never before and is going to see applications across sectors. IoT has to be ubiquitous and entirely connected to be able to bring about a massive impact.  Beacon technology is a big jump forward from the current idea of Internet of Things and is going to bring about a paradigm shift in the IoT segment. Our interactions with technology will see revolutionary changes with the advent of beacons, which can make our cars, homes and cities, smart and efficient. Beacons will take internet out of the browsers and connect people, machines, processes, data and things in a completely novel manner. Beacons, the new IoT device will catalyze people to machine, people to people and machine to machine communication,


“There is going to be 50 billion connected devices by 2020 and 91% of adults will have their mobile phone within arm’s reach 24/7”


iBeacon and Eddystone technologies throw immense possibilities for cities and their governing bodies to make their city well connected, engaging and interactive. People can now think of making their homes digital using beacons by digitally connecting with their home appliances to work automatically based on set parameters and preferences, setting up proximity based home lighting and air conditioning system and installing key-less smart door lock system based on proximity.




Factories can utilize beacons to communicate with machines and measure its efficiency, whereas small and large businesses can make use of beacons to broadcast product information and deals. Patient booking, queue management and device tracking will be important applications of beacons in hospitals. People will soon get to experience the magic of this IoT device in museums, educational institutions, restaurants, public spaces and airports for virtual guidance, payments, loyalty programs, indoor navigation and advertisement campaigns. Beacons will find place in every segment of our lives, doing small but useful operations and at the same time ensuring ubiquity, convenience, accessibility, personalization, security and localization.

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