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Eddystone Technology

Eddystone Technology: The highlights

A lot has been written and spoken about Eddystone Technology and how it brings new hopes and avenues in the beacon technology arena. Developers, technology companies and large retailers have already started exploring the potential and effectiveness of Eddystone. 2016 is going to see how Eddystone will open up endless possibilities of smart device and data interaction.


Here, we are trying to put together the highlights of Eddystone Technology as there is a growing liking for Eddystone because of its robustness, transparency and flexibility. Eddystone is an open source platform launched by Google that enables contextual and proximity based experience delivery to users with the help of beacons. The platform is hosted on Github. Eddystone Technology works on Bluetooth low energy similar to ibeacon technology. Being platform agnostic, Eddystone can be leveraged by any app developer to create location specific content and deliver it to users’ smart phones using beacons. One of the most attractive features of Eddystone platform is its ability to broadcast URLs directly to the smart phones of the users. Interestingly, Eddystone is also capable of transmitting telemetry information.

Eddystone Technology

Eddystone Technology frame format includes the following:

Eddystone UID – Unique ID of beacons will trigger push notifications on a smart device based on its proximity with the beacons.

Eddystone URL – (Compressed URL) Similar to push notifications, beacons can push URLs to the smart phone of the user based on proximity.

Eddystone TLM – (Telemetry information) Transmit physical data and values such as temperature and humidity to a smart device using beacons.

Eddystone by Google is a wholesome model that operates as a perquisite for a coherent proximity technology framework. It supports Bluetooth low energy beacons meant to broadcast data, the proximity beacon API to store data and the nearby API to present the data. Eddystone works well with Android and iOS Bluetooth developer APIs, the architecture is entirely flexible allowing development of new frame types, implementation on existing beacon devices is easy as it is fully compliant with Bluetooth beacon specifications. This innate property of Eddystone technology is going to enhance the way proximity based content delivery works in a real world scenario. There is going to be a wider acceptance for this technology beyond retail or brick and mortar stores with extended applications in the IoT space.

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