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Smart Cities

Engaging Citizens Through Beacons in Smart Cities.

Beacon technology has been around for a while and its applications are aplenty. From museums to cinema theaters; it wouldn’t be too ambitious or arrogant to declare that almost every institution, government or otherwise, stands to gain a lot from the incorporation of beacon technology with their everyday practices. Thing is, the same goes for entire cities as well. Sure, the scalability and the sheer scope of such a project could prove to be a bit challenging but if properly implemented, we’d be looking at a city that would be completely interactive with its people, allowing them to interact with services in a completely unique and hassle-free fashion. In essence, a smart city.

Smart Cities and Public Transportation

Consider a scenario, where upon downloading the city’s official app onto your portable device, which interacts with the beacons installed within the respective station, you’re able to keep yourself updated about the various timings, routes, as well as the fares of each of the aforementioned modes of public transport. Smooth, Hassle-free and completely interactive; Such a technology proves to be effective and beneficial especially when one takes into account the high amount of traffic in major cities during rush hour.

Smart Cities and Security

With beacons installed all throughout the city. Imagine having a one-touch access to the police through the pre-installed application that even sends out the location of the user, allowing a faster response and consequentially, safer city streets and that’s precisely where Wi-Fi beacons come in considering that Wi-Fi enabled beacons have proven to be effective in terms of range, responsiveness and just sheer usability.

Smart Cities and Traffic

In most major cities around the world, there is but one main hindrance that proves to be the bane of travelers/passengers everywhere – Traffic.
Traffic is the source of great aggravation to many a commuter around the world. Well, beacon technology can remedy this as well. With beacons installed throughout the city, commuters can get latest updates regarding traffic blocks and other road hindrances onto their phones. What’s more? By integrating maps along with the required app, it could even tell you which the best route to take as well is. If stuck at a signal, the app could also give notifications regarding when the signal is going to change next, allowing commuters to remain on the ready right before it does. The implementation of Wi-Fi beacons in this context and scenario proves to be even more beneficial as well as it provide even more in the way of range and overall effectiveness.

Smart Cities and Public Services

Beacons can prove to be a great help to city management as well. Allowing municipalities and other local city services to receive notifications and the like about services that need to be rendered to various parts of the city. For example, a travelling garbage truck could pass by a beacon-integrated area in the city and receive notifications about where they might need to pick up the trash. This is but a small example of how public services in general could benefit from Wi-Fi enabled beacons.


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